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Locked Inside Room Escape Parties

Locked Inside Room Escape Parties

We are Locked Inside, a new escape room business that opened up on Highway A1A in Indialantic located in between Long Dogger's and Moo's. Never heard of an escape room? Don't worry, you aren't the first person who has told us that! An escape room is a type of physical adventure game in which people are locked in a room with other participants and have to search the room for several hidden tools and clues which help to solve a series of puzzles that, if solved correctly, will help players to escape the room. For those anxious about being locked up due to claustrophobia, they need not worry. While we advertise being ‘locked inside’, we do not literally lock the door where you enter from for your comfort and safety. However, that door you enter is not the same door you escape out of, which is where the fun begins!

We offer two hour-long themed room escape experiences. Egypt: Ammon’s Passage where you and your friends are a team of archaeologists trying to find a hidden tomb of an Egyptian princess and gather all of her treasures before the toxic fumes kill you. The second room is Behind Bars where you and your room companions are a gang of mobsters. One of your own was a rat and snitched, getting you all thrown in prison. The warden goes on an extended lunch giving you 60 minutes to break each other out of your cells and find an escape from prison.

Our rooms are complex and our riddles and clues are stimulating. While some are hidden in plain sight, some other clues need to be dug for, or elaborate riddles must be solved before the team can move on through the game. It is made for all ages, 9 to 99, and for a group as little as 2 people up to 8 people. It is a wonderful way to spend time with friends and family, as you have to work together and utilize your brain power. The perfect activity after a long day at the beach, or the perfect date with your forever partner in crime. We are also a first choice for team building and corporate events.

Our staff is made up of young, excited people who love what they do. When asked what got her started on escape rooms, our staff manager Kaci said, "I went first on a double date with my roommate. We wanted a fun alternative to the stuffy 'dinner-and-a-movie' date, and the escape room blew our minds! We all worked together and had our individual 'Ah-ha!' moments. After that, we were hooked." When asked what he thought of escape rooms, Game Master Charles answered, "Oh man, where do I start?! It really does bring people together. Even if you come with family and you guys hate each other, you still have to co-operate, ya know? Everyone ends up having a great time." Kaci laughed and agreed, "I've seen siblings get in arguments about wanting to be the one who solves the puzzle, but everyone walks out of that room hugging and high-fiving when they escape. We have proof - everyone smiles during the after pictures!"

Afraid you might not get out? They do anticipate this as a possibility because some rooms h
920 N Hwy A1A
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